Friday, May 13, 2011

Great Audio Books for Enjoyable Running

Nowadays, we get very little time to read books. The advent of audio books had helped us listen to what we want to read and get the full benefit of reading, even while we are busy with other activities.

Listening to audio books while running is a great way of developing our knowledge or satisfying our interest in reading novels and other interesting books. The iPod shuffle is a great tool to listen to audio books while running. It can be clipped easily to the tracksuit. When such a good listening device that can hold hundreds of audio books is available, it is time for you to enjoy your running and also listen to all the exciting audio books that you have always wished to read.

Still, when it comes to the question of which audio books are best for running, then the answer is a simple one. The selection of audio books is purely an individual taste. You may be the type who likes romance novels or the studious one who wishes to assimilate the latest in management principles. There is no hard and fast rule that only certain types of audio books are best suited to listen while running. The entire decision depends on your interests and preferences. Still, a brief list of the books that present the benefits of running effective and motivate you to continue your running habit is presented here for your consideration. 

‘Born to Run’ written by Christopher McDougall and read by Fred Sanders is an interesting book that familiarizes you with a hidden, tribe, the greatest race never witnessed by the world, and super athletes. It is a highly inspirational book on running. 

‘The Long Run’ is an attempt by an individual to revitalize his athletic career and also his life by participating in the New York City marathon race. This audio book is co-authored by Matthew Long, Matthew Del Negro, and Charles Butler. A truly motivational book for runners. 

‘Run to Overcome’ is another great audio book that tells the inspiring story of the long-distance running quest of an American champion and achieve his big dream. Meb Keflezighi, Dick Patrick, and Jon Gauger have combined to write this gripping audio book. The book is expected to be released shortly. 

‘Running with the Whole Body: Your guide to running faster and farther with less effort and pain’ is a must for all runners. Written by Jack Heggie, this book provides valuable tips on effortless and effective running.

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